How Do You Find Furniture That Fits Your Personality?

Where do you find furniture that fits your personality? These days, you can tag any type of furniture with a keyword you’re searching for, and you can find a match. Just think about what you like, and then you can begin taking a look around. For example, some of my interests are writing, movies, baseball and investing. So what type of furniture would I be looking for?

furniture storeAs a writer and an investor, I can tell you wooden furniture that matches my personality might come in a mahogany or cherry wood. That’s just off the top of my head, but I do like those woods. I also like oak and other woods, too. If I were to search furniture associated with baseball or movies, I would land on some specific furniture choices, too, but I likely wouldn’t want to be that direct.

You never know though until you search. You might find some good furniture with direct keyword searches as I mentioned earlier, depending on your interests. Or you might want to come up with tangents like I did with the mahogany and cherry wood matching my writing and investing. There are so many options when it comes to furniture, looking in person or online at what color wood you like will really narrow down your results. Another big decision is deciding what type of countertops you want in your home to match the furniture you choose. Do you like light marble, dark or maybe a granite? Looking at all your different options in person will give you a great outlook on your preference for home furnishings and fixings. We recommend going in person to view these things rather than online because it is usually a big investment in something you will be using and seeing every single day for years to come. We are located in South Florida so we have many options around us to choose furniture from for our rooms here in Green Trails! One of the best furniture stores in Miami is City Furniture because of their wide range of options and some unique finds that might catch your eye and appeal to your personality.

Mahogany and cherry wood remind me of what would outfit a home office library and/or study. In my dream home, I have always wanted one of those enormous sets of bookshelves in a study. Think about what you like in terms of furniture, and how it appeals to your personality.

Some people love big, soft comfy couches that are plush to the feel and will make you fall asleep once you sit down (or lie down), while others like a cleaner look with clean lines and sharp colors. What interests you? Comfort or eye appeal? Maybe both?

In other words, you can approach this search the other way around, too. You can simply take a look at different types of furniture, selecting what you think fits your personality. As you look at different types of new furniture pieces, you could end up finding out something new about yourself. And you will certainly find the furniture that you’re looking for.

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